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TAXI TRANSPORT "STIPE"Kombi Van taxiMercedes
Marino Ursić,

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Taxi Service and Transfers in Croatia.
Taxi transfers ''Stipe'' is a firm from Brela, with envious experience in Croatia which offers You top qualified service and completely transport security.
New in our offer is LIMO service.
We also offer all kinds of transport, including trips to the most beautiful home destinations.
We also do a transfers on all airports in Croatia, bus stations, railway stations and harbours. All our cars are with AC. We have the best price for transfers and trips.

Baška Voda (Baska Voda) apartments

Apartments ŠARIĆ
A2 A2 A2 A2+1 A2+1 A2+2 A2+2 A3

Apartments MONTANA
A2+2 A2+2 A4+1

A2 A4 A6 A8

Apartments NADA
A2+1 A4+1 room/Zimmer

Apartments MRAK
A2 A4+1 A6+1

Apartments NINA
A2+1 A4+1 A6+1 bedroom

Apartments STANIČIĆ
A2+1 A2+2 A2+2 A4+2 bedroom/rooms

Apartments BIRČIĆ
A2+1 A2+1 A4+2 A4+2

Apartments SILVANA
A2+1 A2+1 A4+1

Apartments DARINKA
A2 A4 A4+2 bedrooms/Zimmer

Apartments GORKI

Apartments LOVRE

Apartments MARE

Apartments JAKIR

Apartments ROMA
A2+2 A2+2 A2+1

Apartments MIA
A2 A2+1 A2+2 bedroom

Apartments MAJA
A2 A2+2

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